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Hakamoto Earth Good Hot Water Traveling Stand Autumn Leaves Gori-Yu no Yaku 12 Packets

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A Good Water Trip Stand, Autumn Leaves and Hot Spa with Assorted 4 Fragrances
Kyoto Arashiyama Aromatic Waffetress Maple Scent; Gunma, Kusatsu, Yuzu Tea Scent; Ehime Micoto, Refresh, sweet and saturated Ijocan Scent; Saitama, Chippu, Warm and Barbecue Scent
With 4 different aromas and warm water, you can enjoy the feeling of hot spring in the hot water.
The hot spring ingredients increase the effectiveness of the hot bath and promote blood circulation, which is effective for recovery from fatigue and stiff shoulders.
Formulated with moisturizing ingredients (wort extract, cane extract) for a moisturized feel Quasi-drug product


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