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Good Hot Water Traveling Soothing Soothing Hot Water, Soft Ragi no Yaku, 16 Tablets

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With 4 different types of aromas and warm water, you can enjoy the feeling of hot spring in hot water.
The carbon dioxide gas increases the effect of a hot bath and promotes blood circulation, which is effective against cold symptoms, stiff shoulders and lower back pain, and relieves fatigue throughout the day.
The function of the hot spring ingredients (sodium sulfate) will keep you feeling stiff even after getting hot water.
Formulated with a moisturizing ingredient (hyaluronic acid), this product has a moisturized feeling of warm water.
Tochigi Kirei River (milky water): Elegant and rich wisteria scent.
Ishiwa Yamanashi (milk pink water): Sweet white peach scent
Oita hot water (milk yellow water): The fragrance of the pumpkin with a blissful luster.
Kagoshima Isuku (milk green water): Rustic and fresh green bamboo scent.
Includes 16 packs (4 types x 4 tablets)
Quasi-drug product.


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