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Cinnamoroll Lunch Cloth (Cush)

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Cinnamoroll Lunch Cloth (Cush)

Cinnamoroll Profile

Name: Cinnamon (Because the tail is curled like cinnamon roll)

Gender: Puppy Boy

Birthday: March 6

Where it was born: over clouds in the distant sky

Where you live: Cafe Cinnamon.

Characteristic: Mellow but very humanized and can sleep on your guests’ knees…

Features: Flying with big ears.

Hobby: Napping on cafe patio.

Favourite items: Cinnamon rolls from Cafe Cinnamon.

Charm points: large ears and a kuru tail

Cinnamon Friends

Cinnamoroll Lunch Cloth (Cush)

Cinnamoroll Lunch Cloth (Cush)

Cinnamoroll Lunch Cloth (Cush)


Name: Cappuccino

Gender: Puppy Boy

Birthday:June 27

Where you live: Red roof house toward Cafe Cinnamon.

PERSONALITY: Lazy and eating.Cinnamon best friend who loves nap

Features: Even while sleeping, if you call your name, you can shake the tail and respond to it.

Hobby: Nap with Cinnamon

Charm point: Cappuccino cream-like butch.

What you like:Montblanc treats and other chestnut treats.


Name: Mocha

Gender: Puppy Girl

Birthday:February 20

Where you live: White house on hills

Personality: Fashionable and TalkingCinnamon Friends has a gentle and easy care.

Features: Fashionable.You can quickly become a friend with anyone.

Hobby: Talking with your owner’s wife in a cafe.

Charm Point: Glossy chocolate colored bristles that are brushing every day and a floral ribbon.

What you like:Fashion accessories such as fruit tarts, chocolate, ribbons and many other items with lots of cherry and cranberries.


Name: Chiffon

Gender: Puppy Girl

Birthday: January 14

Where you live: near a green park

Personality: Always full of energy! You don’t have to worry about the details and the mood maker of Cinnamon Friends.Pretend play is the best choice.

Features: Instantly think of fun play.

Hobby: Playing in the park with your owner’s wife

Charm point: fluffy ears like chiffon cake

What you like:Fluffy chiffon cake, seasonal flowers in the park.

Cinnamoroll Lunch Cloth (Cush)

Cinnamoroll Lunch Cloth (Cush)



Name: Espresso

Gender: Puppy Boy

Birthday:December 4th

Where you live: the largest home near the park.

Characteristic: The winner of the dog pageant has been winned, so it is very clever.But a pair of scissors that won’t sleep without your favorite blanket.

Features: English

Hobby: Drive in a cool car with your owner’s winner.The owner is an actress! Cinnamon at the bottom of the foot.

Charm Point: Elegant Mozart Hair (Ears)

What you like:Cream Brulee,Security Blanket,Book


Name: Miruku

Gender: Puppy Boy

Birthday:February 24

Where you live: House with a chimney near the park

PERSONALITY: The smallest sweetest that cries quickly if you don’t have your favorite pacifier.I love cinnamon and I want to fly in the sky.

Features: sip milk

Hobby: Mimic cinnamon and help the cafe together(But we are always dozy. )

Charm points: forehead and your favorite pacifier.

What you like:Milk, pacifier, cinnamon

Miruku is still small, so it only says “Baboo”.It finally started standing on two feet, but sometimes crawling.


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