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Chocolate sweets assortment, 30 different sweets and chocolate from Japan

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  • 🍫 A dream sweets assortment that is irresistible for chocolate lovers, packed with chocolate and sweets that are very popular and anxious, selected by 400 sweets lovers!!!
  • 🍫 We have packed 30 popular chocolate and sweets in total! !! The expiration date is stated on the bottom of the box!
  • 🍫 The contents may differ depending on the time of purchase, but we are fully packed with sweets as shown in the basic photo.
  • 🍫 For children and colleagues, it’s a great gift for birthdays and parties! !! In addition, there are many nostalgic sweets, so it is good for parents and children to have fun and enjoy themselves while feeling nostalgic! !! You can also have the sweets all to yourself! !!

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