Red Mt. Fuji curry

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Mt. Fuji curry, which is very popular in the World Heritage Mt. Fuji Center, has become a retort curry. It’s not just spicy, it’s a curry with Japanese-style soup stock that gives you the “umami” of mala’s numbing spiciness and umami.

Raw material information

Saute Onion (domestic production), ground chicken, flour, carrots, edible oils and fats, powdered sardines, sugar, kelp powder, apple puree, chicken extract, salt, spices, curry powder, grape puree, starch / paprika pigment, thickener (Processed starch), spice extract, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidulants, (some include wheat, sesame, chicken, pork, apples)

Nutrition facts label

energy 178kcal
protein 4.8g
Lipids 9.2g
carbohydrate 18.8g
Equivalent amount of salt 3.0g

* Estimated value

Weight 300 g

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