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Red Bull Energy Drink Blue Edition 250ml

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[Product Features]
“Red Bull Blue Edition” is a lychee flavor exclusive to the Japanese market, developed to suit the tastes of Japanese people. It is a year-round product that is easy to drink even for those who are not good at the taste of standard flavors, while keeping the ingredients unique to energy such as arginine, caffeine, and vitamin B.

soda drink

[Raw material name]
Sugars (sugar, glucose), salt/acidulant, carbonic acid, L-arginine, flavoring, caffeine, niacin, calcium pantothenate, V.B6, V.B12, (including some oranges)

[Nutritional information display]
Energy per 100ml
: 45Kcal
Protein: 0g
Lipid: 0g
Carbohydrate: 10.7g
Salt equivalent: 0.14g
Niacin: 3mg
Pantothenic acid: 2.0mg
Vitamin B6: 2.0mg
Vitamin B12: 2.0μg
Arginine: 120mg
Caffeine: 32mg

Weight 400 g


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