Premium soy sauce flavor cup ramen

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Premium soy sauce flavor cup ramen

In the current restaurant ramen industry,’Tanrei ramen’, which looks like a clear soup but has a deep flavor with the taste of the ingredients, is becoming popular. “Meisei The Tanrei”, which was born in February 2022 as a new brand of cup noodles that allows you to easily enjoy the taste of the famous “Tanrei Ramen”, has been highly evaluated by customers who are tired of its rich taste. This time, the second in the series, we will release “Soy Sauce Ramen” supervised by ” Ramenya Shima * “, a super popular shop of Tanrei ramen that has won many awards in magazines and gourmet sites. The “Layered Soy Sauce Soup”, which has multiple soup stocks centered on fish and shellfish and the strong taste of soy sauce, reproduces the taste of “luxury” soup unique to “Ramenya Shima”. The noodles are combined with supple non-fried noodles that take advantage of the taste of the soup.
The package design follows the “subtraction” design by a female designer that gives a feeling of premium from the first step, and expresses a sophisticated impression that is easily accepted by women with a clean taste in color and typeface.

* [Ramenya Shima] A well-known store that represents Tanrei in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The one-of-a-kind soy sauce ramen that combines a combination of soy sauce including sushi and animal-based x seafood-based soup stock in an excellent balance is popular.

Product features

1. Noodles
A supple, non-fried noodle that is often entwined with soup and has a nice throat.
2. Soup
It is a soup with the taste of soy sauce that is close to the quality of the shop. The attached pack “Layered Soy Sauce Soup” is a soy sauce-flavored soup that is complex and has a strong taste, with a combination of a strong soy sauce feeling and the taste of multiple soup stocks.
3. Ingredients
A combination of char siu, menma and green onions.
Weight 250 g

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