Nissin Yakisoba UFO

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Since its launch in 1976, “Nissin Yakisoba UFO” is a long-selling brand that has been patronized by a wide range of people and boasts the No. 1 sales * in the cup yakisoba category.
The cabbage of “Nissin Yakisoba UFO” is characterized by a slight sweetness and a crispy texture, and many customers have requested “I want to eat a UFO with more cabbage”. ..┬áTherefore, in response to customer feedback, we will release “Nissin Yakisoba UFO” with increased cabbage for a limited time.
Take this opportunity to enjoy the “Nissin Yakisoba UFO”, where the cabbage has a stronger presence than usual, while retaining the rich taste of “condensed delicious sauce!” And the chewy taste of medium-thick noodles. Please enjoy it.

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