My Neighbor Totoro “Whirly” with Everyone

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From Studio Ghibli “My Neighbor Totoro” comes “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Ghibli No Shiroshi” (My Neighbor Totoro” (Japanese-Language Book; English Language Not Guaranteed)
Set of 3 “Big Totoro / Medium Totoro and Small Totoro “Overly Spill”
When you press it lightly with your fingertips, it will shake the base of the globe with the center of gravity to make it feel comfortable.
You will want to shake it again and again.

The large totoro poses close to her standing position and is tall, so it will swing large when you sway.
The middle Totoro is a pose that opens your hands and rotates or sways for a cute movement.
The small Totoro has been tossed and sitted, and the smaller part sways finely!

The size is comfortable to the hand and has a good texture for interior decoration.
It is also fun to take along and take videos with you wherever you go.
Not only can it be used at home, but also as a souvenir for children and grandchildren.


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