Japanese Kit Kat Box | Variety Pack of 63 Pieces (21 x 3 each)

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Try all of the most popular and delicious flavours of
Japanese Kit Kat! This is a limited-quantity gift that contains 21 varieties
of KitKat, which can be easily enjoyed! This box also has a few & 
KitKats that are usually very hard to find in the Japanese market. This
box is perfect for enjoying with family or as a souvenir to show your love
to friends.

Kit Kats were first introduced to Japan in 1973, thanks to a collaboration between British confectioner Rowntree’s and Japanese confectioner and restaurant owner Fujiya. They were the best-selling confection in the country in 2014. In 2012, the Kit Kat brand overtook Meiji chocolate as Japan’s top confectioner, however Meiji remains the country’s leading confectioner overall.

The green tea flavor was launched in 2004.

 The product has now been available in over 300 seasonal and regional tastes. Soy sauce was the candy bar’s best-selling flavor in 2010.  The success of the taste variety, according to Nestlé, might be attributed to the omiyage tradition, which involves bringing back regional specialties for family and coworkers from vacations away.

The business concept was developed to address a problem the company discovered in Japanese convenience stores, where items and tastes were frequently rotated off the shelves. The company was able to better control its production costs by producing smaller batches of flavors. Because there is no initial product cost for listing new products in Japanese convenience stores, it was also economically viable.

Kit Kats are manufactured in Japan at Nestlé’s plants in Himeji and Kasumigaura. Nestlé sources the majority of its cacao beans from West Africa, while the milk chocolate used in Kit Kats is prepared from whole-milk powder.

Japanese Kit Kat Box

  1. Kit Kat Chocolate x 3
  2. Kit Kat Otona no Amasa Dark Chocolate x 3
  3. Kit Kat Otona no Amasa Dark Matcha x 3
  4. Kit Kat Whole Grain Biscuit  x 3
  5. Kit Kat Otona no Amasa Strawberry x 3
  6. Kit Kat Otona no Amasa White x 3
  7. Kit Kat Chocolate Orange x 3
  8. Kit Kat Ruby Chocolate x 3
  9. Kit Kat Japan Sake (Japan-Limited) x 3
  10. Kit Kat Itokyuemon Uji Matcha (Kyoto-Exclusive) x 3
  11. Kit Kat Itokyuemon Hojicha (Kyoto-Exclusive) x 3
  12. Kit Kat Rum Raisin (Tokyo-Exclusive) x 3
  13. Kit Kat Strawberry Cheese Cake (Yokohama-Exclusive) x 3
  14. Kit Kat Azuki Red Bean & Strawberry (Hokkaido-Exclusive) x 3
  15. Kit Kat Azuki Sandwich (Tokai/Hokuriku Region-Exclusive) x 3
  16. Kit Kat Momiji Manju (Hiroshima-Exclusive) x 3
  17. Kit Kat For Cafe  x 3
  18. Kit Kat Wasabi  (Shizuoka/Kanto Region-Exclusive) x 3
  19. Kit Kat Shinshu Apple  (Shinshu Region-Exclusive) x 3
  20. Kit Kat Amaou Strawberry (Kyushu Region-Exclusive) x 3
  21. Kit Kat Purple Yam   (Okinawa/Kyushu Region-Exclusive) x 3
    Japanese Kit Kat Box, Variety Party Box (21 types x 3 each)

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