Itoen Oi Ocha Green Tea (with Matcha) 1.8g x 120 bags

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Cospa is also important!

Plenty of extraction amount that you can drink deliciously even in a mug.

It also supports a wide range of drinking scenes such as My Bottle, whose ownership rate has been increasing in recent years.

As it is individually wrapped, it is hygienic and can be easily carried in the office or when going out.

Uses tea leaves exclusively for tea bags with high extractability

A blend of bright green matcha with fragrant domestic tea leaves developed exclusively for tea bags.

You can enjoy the taste and aroma of tea by using the highly extractable tea leaves for tea bags.

Tea bags that return to the soil

An eco-friendly green tea bag that uses a plant-derived biodegradable filter (* 1).

The filter has acquired Green Plastic certification (* 2).

* 1: Polylactic acid. Decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by the power of microorganisms

* 2: Certification recognized for products that reduce the environmental burden by using biodegradable materials that are decomposed to water and carbon dioxide by the power of microorganisms.

Large capacity tea bag series

Enrich your home time.

When you’re busy, take advantage of the easy and convenient tea bags to relax and refresh with delicious tea.

ITO EN’s classic tea bags are now available in a large-capacity series!


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