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Insulated Lunch Box, Rice Shape, 18.1 fl oz (540 ml), My Neighbor Totoro Field Ghibli

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A popular heat-retaining bowl-style lunch box that can be carried without being bulky
Fashionable rice and noodles in a bowl style
If you put the side dish on the rice before eating, the rice will not soak and it feels like fresh
If you put the noodles in a heat insulating container and eat it with a side dish container
You can also eat deliciously warm pasta and udon noodles.
The vacuum double structure has excellent heat retention effect, and salads can keep cold, so they are active all year round.
With packing that prevents soup from leaking
Only the middle container can be microwaved by removing the lid.
Be sure to pour boiling water to warm the pot body before using it before putting ingredients in the pot.
As with all heat insulation jar products, the main body is pre-installed.
The original heat retention effect is exhibited by using it after warming it with boiling water.
Please use after warming the main body with boiling water.


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