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Ichiran Ramen Hakata Fine Noodles Straight Ichiran Special Red Secret Powdered 5 Meals

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[Hakata Fine Noodles (Straight)]
Using rare wheat flour specially blended by experienced noodle craftsmen, the noodles are finished to give you a chewy and smooth feel.
The unique composition of Ichiran suppresses the turbidity of the boiling water, making it possible to enjoy the taste of the soup even more.

A soup created by a dedicated craftsman through trial and error without hesitation in research day and night.
It is a soup that has a rich and delicious taste while suppressing the odor peculiar to tonkotsu.

[Red secret powder]
Ichiran’s special spicy seasoning is made by carefully selecting high-quality peppers from all over the world.
Repeatedly blended and fine-tuned many times to create an exquisite balance.

Weight 500 g

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