Ichiran Ramen Chijire Noodles Ichiran’s special red secret powder (5 meals)

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First of all, considering the compatibility with noodle soup, we repeated trial and error not only on the composition of wheat but also on the thickness, shape and shape of the noodles. Therefore, the more you chew, the more you can enjoy the flavor of wheat.

● Soup
In order to make the ideal a reality, we have made many fine adjustments and improvements. By adjusting the saltiness and oiliness in units of a small amount of 0.01g, we have realized a delicate yet profound taste.

● Red secret powder
Ichiran’s special spicy seasoning made by carefully selecting high-quality peppers from all over the world.
Repeatedly blended and fine-tuned many times to create an exquisite balance.

Weight 500 g

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