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Dosou “Gyokuro / Kabuse / Sencha Assortment Gift” Year-end gift Return tea gift Domestic tea leaves Fuga tradition-30

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Product description

It is a sencha gift of the famous tea Dosou. It is a “Japanese tea gift” that is appreciated not only for year-end gifts and midyear gifts, but also for celebrations and condolences. We use 100% high quality domestic tea leaves. An assortment of three types of tea (Gyokuro, Kabusecha, and Sencha with Matcha) that we confidently recommend to those who like tea. The tea canister with a two-color (pink / purple) floral pattern can store the tea leaves as it is. Because of its high quality, it can be used forever. Set contents ● Gyokuro 50g Synonymous with high-class sencha. It features an elegant taste and aroma. ● Kabusecha 50g A tea rich in theanine, an umami ingredient. It features a gyokuro-like taste and bright colors. ● Sencha with Matcha 120g We used carefully selected high-quality domestic tea leaves. By blending matcha, the tea has a mellow sweetness. ● 1 teaspoon

Raw materials / ingredients

Green Tea

Weight 500 g

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