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Cup Noodles Hokkaido Rich Milk Seafood Road Noodles

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“Cup Noodles Milk Seafood Noodles” was developed based on online reviews that said, “Seafood noodles made with hot milk are delicious.” .
Last year, when we used powdered milk* from Hokkaido and launched it as “Cup Noodles Hokkaido Milk Seafood Road Noodles,” the sweet and rich creamy soup was well received by many customers.
This time, while maintaining the commitment to “Hokkaido” ingredients, we have increased the sweetness and richness of the milk to create a creamier and “rich” soup.
Please enjoy a rich cup that is perfect for the cold season.

* Use skimmed milk powder made from raw milk from Hokkaido.

Weight 200 g


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