Chill Out Relaxation

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Chill Out Relaxation 

Original flavor derived by AI

Newly developed flavors that support original relaxation with AI technology * . The combination of calm citrus, herbs, and fruit-based flavors and cool-down flavors that give a refreshing feeling refreshes the feelings of work and the overlooked images of PCs and smartphones. .. Supports off-time relaxation.

* How to select the original flavor by AI

Four relaxation support ingredients support
relaxation time

Contains 4 relaxation support ingredients: GABA, L-theanine, hemp seed extract, and hop extract. GABA is a type of amino acid that is abundant in vegetables and fruits, and uses plant-derived ingredients and lactic acid bacteria-derived GABA. It also contains theanine, which is also found in tea, to support your relaxation time.

No preservatives or colorings that are good for nature-minded people

CHILL OUT is a next-generation relaxation drink that does not use preservatives or colorings, which is great for nature-minded people who lead a healthy lifestyle. We will provide a new enhancement of relaxation time to those who need relaxation.

Weight 300 g

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