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Benimo tart with 3 pieces Uses Kumejima Chura Koi Beniimo

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3 pieces
Health Diet
100% “Chura Koi Beniimo” from Kumejima, Okinawa Prefecture Chura Flavor, Chura


Kumejima, the Island of Beauty

During the Ryukyu Dynasty, Kumejima was praised as the “Kumi no Shima” because it was the most beautiful island in the Ryukyu Islands.

Kume Island is located in the East China Sea, 100km west of Naha City on the main island of Okinawa. Starting with Hateno Beach, where only the sea and sandy beach spread out, the expressive nature is the highlight, such as tatami stones and precipitous cliffs where you can feel the power of nature. Kumejima, which boasts the same popularity as a resort area, is a charming island where you can experience nature, scenery, and activities.

Chura Koi Beni

Flavorful “Chura Koi Beni” grown in Kumejima, Okinawa. The bright purple color is a proof of being blessed with the sun.

As the word “Chura” means “beautiful”, “Chura Koi Koi” shows a beautiful and vivid purple color.

Due to the mineral-rich seawater, sodium and calcium are relatively high, and its deep color also contains a large amount of polyphenols.

Weight 150 g


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