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Asahi Soft Drinks Monster Rehab Lemonade Tea

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Introducing Rehab LEMONADE TEA from MONSTER! A non-carbonated energy drink based on lemonade tea. Refresh yourself with Rehab, lift your spirits, and get even more excited! ■Caffeine 38mg/100ml combination ■Electrolyte combination suitable for rehydration ■The fresh taste of black tea and lemonade Name by type: Black tea drink/Non-carbonated design.

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8kcal (per 100ml)


nutrition information
Protein 0g Lipid 0g Carbohydrate 2g Salt equivalent 0.11g Potassium 12.1-35.2mg Calcium 6.6mg Magnesium 5.8mg Niacin 8.5mg Vitamin B 60.8mg Vitamin B 121.0-6.0μg Pantothenic acid 0.5-6.1mg L-Arginine 125mg Ginseng 85mg L -Carnitine 1.4mg Caffeine 38mg


Ingredients *Please be sure to check the product you received.
Lemon juice (manufactured in Argentina), glucose, coconut water, black tea, ginseng root extract, sodium chloride, mangosteen juice, guarana seed extract, L-carnitine L-tartrate, goji berry puree, acai puree/citric acid, sodium citrate, Sweeteners (D-ribose, sucralose, acesulfame K), L-arginine, flavoring, calcium lactate, potassium phosphate, caffeine, magnesium hydroxide, niacin, calcium pantothenate, quercetin, inositol, vitamin B6, vitamin B12


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Weight 550 g


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